Benefits Of Running An Online Business Essay

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There are many benefits to running an online business. You usually can operate the business entirely online, reducing operating costs and overheads. You don 't have to commute, and you can usually set your own schedule. Another reason many people start an online business is that it is generally cheaper to set up than a brick and mortar business. Here are a few online businesses you can start with very little financial investment.

Ghost writing-

You can offer your services as a writer to businesses and individuals looking for writing services. As a writer, you can use your skills to draft proposal letters, website content, blog posts, books, brochures, newsletters and emails on behalf of your clients. You can even find interesting new niches, such as writing personal letters, greeting card slogans for your clients. There are plenty of places to search for work and once your business grows, the sky is the limit. You might need to invest in a website that you can use to showcase your portfolio, but websites today can be set up for less than $10 per month, if you know a little basic technology.

Sell your writing-

You can sell pre written content, if you don 't want to look for clients for your writing business. Today, writers have far more avenues than before, so you don 't have to wait for a publishing company to pick up your book. You can publish an eBook and offer it for sale online. You can also write articles and put them up for sale at dozens of places online. There is…

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