Benefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

1193 Words Dec 4th, 2015 5 Pages
In recent years our food industry has been taken over by the product called GMO’s Genetically Modified Organisms. Genetically Modified Organisms are organisms or living things that have been created through gene-splicing techniques through biotechnology. Although GMOs have been floating around the world for much time, it’s only been recently that people have become more concerned with them. Big companies that produce genetically modified organisms, like Monsanto, try their hardest to commercialize that these products are healthy and beneficial for the environment. While that may seem to be the chase at first glance, many activists against GMOs believe that these big companies are expelling lies and scamming people to believe false things. In this essay, I will expose the pros and cons of genetically modified organisms and ultimately, come to the conclusion that GMOs have their down falls, but are economically beneficial.
With the new advancements in science (biotechnology), cloning DNA and creating artificial organisms has become much easier and cheaper to produce. Starting with some of the “pros” of genetically modified organisms is how cheap the outcome is. Take big companies like Monsanto and Syngenta, for example. The sole purpose of these big name companies is to produce an unreal amount of genetically modified seeds and ship them to places with food insecurity for insanely cheap prices. So now we can produce more and more food for less and even sell it for less on…

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