Benefits Of Funding Higher Education Essay

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Financing higher education has become one of the biggest concerns for the upcoming generations of college students interested in seeking a higher level of education. Nowadays, students are forced to opt for financial aid and loans to complete their higher education. Indeed, financial aid has become a primary factor when considering whether students should pursue a higher education.
Higher education is crucial to the country economic prosperity. The education level is correlated with higher annual wages, which is also important not only to improve the individual 's quality of life in the future but to also enhance our society 's economy. Our economy is affected by the amount of people who are unable to support themselves financially. Therefore, the more financially stable people, the less the government will have to invest in welfare services, such as housing assistance, food stamp programs, supplemental security income, and job training programs.
Based on the Georgetown University study, there is a prognostic that about 62 percent of the jobs will require some college education in 2018 compared to 28 percent four decades ago (Gustafson 2013). According to the statistics, funding public education will allow students from a low-income status to afford state universities, which will correlate with an increase in graduation rates.
Massachusetts ' public higher education investment has decreased remarkably in the recent years. This drop has caused for an increase in school…

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