Benefits Of Food And Happiness Essay

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Connecting Food and Happiness
Food has the power to impact both hedonic and eudaimonic happiness. Indulging in our favorite foods often brings us a short-lived burst of pleasure, while the social aspects serve as a means of improving our long-term wellbeing. Gathering around food has been practiced for centuries by all cultures creating lifelong friendships, family traditions and social belonging (Delistraty, 2014). Food serves as a form of self-expression through its art form and is also a way many people express their love for others.
The overall physical and psychological health of our bodies greatly depends on the type of foods we choose to consume. Besides water, food is a basic necessity, connecting us to each other and to the earth. Our physical and mental well-being, immune system, and metabolic processes cannot reach their full potential without the 40 essential vitamins and minerals wholesome foods provide (Flyman, Afolayan, 2006). Further, these nutrients are most important in the first years of a child 's life because they ensure proper brain development and prevent malnutrition. When beneficial foods are not available to young children in their first years of life, their long term IQ can be compromised which in turn can impact one 's overall lifetime earning potential (Zagorsky, 2007). Although, economic situation only contributes to 17% of one 's happiness level, financial security can reduce stress and allow people to make better, healthier food choices for…

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