Benefits Of Facebook For Teaching Purposes Essay

1090 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Every second there are approximately 20,000 people on Facebook and about 745 million mobile users daily (Bullas). On average there are 100,000 friend requests sent every 10 minutes and 150,000 messages sent every minute (Bullas). There are about 3 million posts per minute and about 350 million photos posted daily (Bullas). Facebook is a well-known social media site where users can post status’ and pictures, like others post’s, become “friends” with just about anyone, and message other users. Almost everyone has heard about this major social networking site, so whether or not they own a Facebook account they know what Facebook is about. First, this paper will discuss the benefits of Facebook for teaching purposes. Then, it will consider how the use of Facebook leads to teen depression and anxiety, the connection between Facebook and OCD, and the dangers of Facebook.
Facebook is primarily used for recreational use, however, in 2012, Meishar-Tal, Kurtz, and Pieterse said that Facebook could be a learning management system that fulfils three main goals. The first goal is to provide students with digital learning material, such as, articles, presentations, and summaries of lessons. The second goal is to interact with students in forums, polls, and surveys. The third goal is to manage the course, evaluate other people’s work and achievements, and to provide students with online grades. In 2013, Fordham and Goddard also listed the various ways to use Facebook for teaching and…

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