The Experiences And Challenges Of Student Socialization In The Classroom

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According to this Journal by Irwin, he talks about computer-mediated conferencing as well as instruction offers which offers access for collaboration. It is very important which they mention to aspect the success of online learning experience as student socializing in cyberspace seems to be suffering. This was a very big strength about this Journal because you are learning we are learning a lot about socializing and online learning. The whole point that this article was really focusing on was to look at the different ways in which socialization has been studied. They were examining the underlying theoretical structure of online learning which has been affected by socialization. Also an online classroom and consider the effects of teachers …show more content…
Today social media has created a new possibility for digitally native students to engage as well as interact and collaborate in learning. This way they will overall inherit the best living experience they can. Overall had discussed the experiences and challenges of using social media has enhanced collaborative learning environment such as teaching of foreign languages. This is a huge strength in this Journal that I found about how they have enhanced learning over social media. Many may not even think that social media is a learning took but they have proved me wrong. They are using social media here in an educational setting, which then helps give an understanding about learning that can be fostered in social, collaborative knowledge construction, sharing and building. Many of us look at social media in a completely different aspect, such as communication online and making a post about yourself or someone else. This really made me look at social media in a different way, especially the way it can really help others, such as a native student to further themselves in their own education. This is a great opportunity for those to make the best out of themselves and become the best that they can be due to such simple technology. This will be a great Journal for me for my report about how social media is used in not only one way but for learning as

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