Benefits of Effective Listening Essay

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Benefits of Effective Listening

Benefits of Effective Listening
Maryann Rieger
Brandman University
April 21, 2012

Benefits of Effective Listening Effective listening is one of the most important parts in communication. As noted by Elizabeth Rice (1998), “[Listening] involves caring, hearing, interpreting, evaluating, and responding to oral messages to gain a shared understanding” (Rice, 1998) There is always something to be learned when listening. As listeners, we cannot have an "I know everything" attitude. There is always a different opinion, or a new piece of information that can come to light. Listening is never a waste of time. We must pay attention and be active and total listeners when communicating with
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“This can be problematic when the other person has moved on and we are unable to pick up the threads of what is being said” (Many types of listening, 2012).
Effective Listening in Organizations
In a professional organization there are many types of speakers. We must understand who is speaking in order to best listen to their message. Understanding the type of speaker helps us to know if we need to just listen, to help solve an issue or to collaborate on a message. In a professional organization, we will communicate with supervisors, employees, coworkers and customers.
Listening to Customers
Effective companies listen to their customers. A customer is the best indicator that a company is being successful or not. Customers can be one of the best sources of information on how to improve a business. Customers often give advice on how a business can be improved, either with a product or a service. Acting on these improvements can increase sales, making the business more successful. “Listening to customers can tell us a great deal about the competition” (Hamilton, 2011). Customers will compare companies when giving feedback. This gives a company a better insight on how their competition is managing customer service. We should encourage the comparisons as it will help us to determine the best business strategy. When we listen to customers and provide our own feedback, we encourage an open,

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