Essay on Benefits Of Creating A Law

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Pleasing everyone is a strenuous task, as individuals each have their own ideologies that may not concur with each other. Fortunately, the federal government, unlike how it was under the Articles of Confederation, is no longer required to obtain unanimous votes in order to pass a bill. However, in order to make a proposed bill a law, congress is still required to obtain a supermajority vote in both the House of Representative and the Senate. This, though, is only one part of the process, as the bill, if approved by both chambers of Congress, is then passed on to the president, who makes his own decision. Clearly, creating a law is no easy feat; there are many steps to climb in order to implement the bill and this is all ultimately due to the system of checks and balances. Creating a law involves the participation of various political actors, which may hinder progress if an agreement cannot be established. However protracted the process may be with such a system, it is one that safeguards the prevention of corruption and tyranny, as was intended by the enactment of checks and balances. Initially, the bill is drafted by individuals or groups outside of Congress, and along with the aid of connections to members within Congress, the bill is then introduced (Kernell, et al. 2014, 284). Once the bill is introduced, it is not instantly brought to the attention of the House of Representatives, it still has to be endorsed by the subcommittee it is assigned to (Kernell, et al. 2014,…

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