Causes Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a behavior disorder that presents symptoms of inattentiveness and hyperactivity. ADHD like behavioral issues can be due to either biological or environmental factors. Doctors will not diagnosis children with ADHD until the child is at least five to six years old.
Area Idea #1 Idea #2 Idea #3
Circle (Art Center) During circle time to help a child stay attentive you can let them hold a stuff animal or foam ball to squeeze. During circle time to help a child who as ADHD concentrate have them sit on your lap. For a child who has trouble sitting still on the bus or car ride to school you should give them time to run in the gym or do some sort of gross motor activity before asking them to sit again.
Coloring or Painting For a child with ADHD that may struggle
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To prevent the container being knocked over put sand or a beanbag in it to weigh it down. For a child with ADHD use other sticky materials in place of tape such as precut pieces of contact paper, self-sticking labels, or a variety of sticky tabs and buttons. For a child with ADHD you can place double-sided tape onto the collage so that the child is able to place their materials where they desire. For a child who gets frustrated while using tape this may be a better alternative. If the child wants to let him or her point to where they would like the double-sided tape to be placed.
Cutting with scissors For a child with ADHD provide necessary structure and limits before the activity begins. This will hopefully prevent a bad incident from happening. For a child with ADHD provide an area that is not crowded with children or objects. Identify the child’s space using some sort of physical boundary such as a placement. For a child with ADHD offer a separate desk next to the larger art table. By doing this the child will have a sense of space while still being a part of the

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