Benefits Of Co On Rural Road Maintenance Contracts Essay

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At first, this study quantified the cost of CO on rural road maintenance contracts. Then the study identified the causes of CO and its preventative measures in road maintenance activities. Lastly the study developed change order contingency estimating tool and schedule crashing tool in order to assist in change management system of these contracts. The main conclusions and limitations of these three phase studies are described below.
This study determined the amount of CO on road maintenance projects contracted under the Kenya Rural Road Authority (KeRRA). The analysis of 614 road-maintenance projects showed that the average percentage of CO in these projects was 13.07%. The study also indicated that there was a negative correlation between the total cost of the projects and the percentage of CO cost; i.e. the percentage of CO decreases as the total project cost increases.
The study results showed that the ‘600 mm Culvert installation’ and ‘Provide gravel wearing course’ were found to be the top two high risk and high frequent maintenance activities. However, ‘Gravel patching’ was the most frequent maintenance activity. The main reason behind high frequency CO in these activities was due to unforeseen conditions during the time of the estimates and the time of the road maintenance. Normally, estimates for gravel patching and wearing course were prepared based on the current surface conditions. In the time lag between the estimate and the construction work, the surface…

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