Benefits Of Breastfeeding Promotion Programs Essay

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Furthermore programs aimed at retention of health care staff in rural areas were also introduced which ensured appropriate coverage and supervision. As an example in Mali, an organization provided support to rural doctors which in consequence retained doctors for an average of four years, a significantly longer period than those who were not part of the support organization (WHO, 2010).
Additionally nutritional programs such as micronutrients supplementation and breastfeeding have caused decline in acute LRTI related morbidity and mortality in children (WHO, 2014). In numerous developing countries, breastfeeding promotion programs have resulted in sixfold increase in exclusive breastfeeding practices. (Kuzma, 2013). A breastfeeding promotion program was initiated in Belarus which rose breastfeeding continuation rates and caused a 15% reduction in respiratory related hospitalizations presumably acute LRTI (WHO, 2014). Evidence suggests that breastfeeding promotion was an effective public health intervention and it has reduced mortality rate in children under 5 by 13% (Kuzma, 2013).
Another approach of alternative fuel or stove utilization for cooking along with improved ventilation was adopted to reduce IAP which contributes largely to pneumonia morbidity and mortality in children (Dherani, 2008). The Guatemala randomized intervention trial, 2002–2004, confirms the benefits of reduction of IAP by the use of plancha stoves with chimneys for household cooking. In particular,…

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