Benefits Of Body Worn Cameras

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Body Worn Cameras are the biggest item in Police Department’s around America today. Body Worn Cameras (BWC’s) offer a look into exactly what a Police Officer encounters, how they react, and the wrongs and rights of the public or officer. Through the help of interviews of SDPD Officers and several articles on the topic, I plan to discuss the effects of police wearing cameras, the cost of enabling the cameras and the benefits and challenges of BWC’s.
What are they and what do they do? BWC’s come in many sizes, most are typically the size of your palm. Many models are out now, some go on the chest of the officer and some even attach to the shoulder or head of the officer. The top producing companies of BWC’s are Taser International and Vievu.
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According to FOX 6 News nearly “One-third of United States police departments are using body cameras”. Cameras give the ability to see from the officer’s perspective and greatly enhance the detail and situation that occurred in any encounter with the public. Being worn on the chest or the shoulder of the officer, it can record audio and high quality picture of the entire field of view of the officer. What the officer saw is what the camera will see. It puts you basically right in the feet of the officer. Cameras are able to tell if the officer did everything right, or if he did everything wrong. In a time when Police are critically under fire by media and the public, cameras are the next best step in solving cases of police brutality and false accusations against police …show more content…
He has been on the department now for almost 20 years. Although as a Sergeant on patrol he does not wear a BWC, I still chose to interview him. I asked him a few simple questions regarding BWC’s. The first simply being what is your opinion on them? Sgt. Newquist stated “They are very beneficial to police work, the public, and lowering brutality accusations and cases”. He very much emphasized that since cameras have been implemented he has personally seen officer complaints and accusations being lowered drastically. I then asked him if he saw anything negative regarding

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