Benefits Of Being A Successful Student Essay

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John Quincy Adam once said, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." My parents, raised in Pakistan never had the opportunities American high schools provide. They never experienced the joy of being a part of a team, or the feeling of making a new friend with the same interest as you. American high schools have always been about, academics, but in recent years the love of sports, and clubs have started a new era. Yet there are students who aren 't part of any extra curricular activities, since they 're time consuming, tiring and not interesting. However participating in activities outside of school is a major part of being a successful student. I encourage students to become school leaders, because being a leader has many benefits.
One way to become a leader is by joining a club that interests you. Students only get four years of high school, and if they don’t try new things now, they might not find time in the future. For students to have a satisfactory high school experience, I 'm going to create a leadership club, that’s based on helping others, and allows students to develop leadership skills.
Starting a new club seems difficult, but this article makes it seem easy. For me to start a new club, I must come up with ideas about what type of club, what it 's going to-do, and how it 's going to benefit others. I must make sure that the ideas are something I 'm very passionate about. Next, I 'm going to find an…

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