Essay on Benefits Of Being A Social Worker

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The Future
Many say, picking a career can be difficult, but I knew from the beginning that my future was going to be in helping others create a better future for themselves. Social workers are individuals who care about people, want to make things better by relieving suffering and want to do good in the world. For example, I chose my career after meeting with a social worker when I had many problems going on and I believe that because she made such a positive change in my life, I can do the same in many others’ lives. From that day, I knew I wanted to meet people and personally connect with them and make a change in their lives. There are many advantages to being a social worker. There is plenty of flexibility in the workplace. Social workers can work almost anywhere. They can work in schools, hospitals, clinics, nonprofits and government agencies. This choice creates many job opportunities. Furthermore, the job market is expected to increase by ten percent for social workers. Having a career with such an optimistic job outlook is an amazing benefit. The last advantage is the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. The type of work done as a social worker is meaningful and impactful. The salary of a social worker is fairly decent. For example, in 2013, family and children social workers earned a median salary of $42,120 a year according to the Bureau of labor statistics. The best paid ten percent earned $72,350, while the lowest paid made $27,420. To summarize,…

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