Benefits Of Being A Manager Essay

784 Words Dec 4th, 2015 4 Pages
One of the more challenging aspects of being a manager is effectively reviewing the employees that report to you. If this is done incorrectly, it can hurt not only the performance of the employee, but the entire team. By nature, a majority of individuals are sensitive towards being criticized, even if it’s presented as constructive. There are many tools a manager can use when conducing employee appraisal’s which help them effectively have the “tough talk” when the time is necessary. In my opinion, and from my past experiences being reviewed and reviewing my employees, Rita’s strategy has a solid foundation to it. By allowing the employee to self-evaluate, a manager has the opportunity so see how the employee views themselves, and their job prior to a face to face meetings. This gives the manager a good “feel” on the employee’s mindset, and allows them to formulate the most beneficial review for all parties involved. By Rita using this technique, she has the opportunity to better align her employees and the goals of the department. If Rita were to have Fred’s colleagues give their input on how Fred is doing, and things they think he needs to improve on, it would help Rita’s final performance evaluation. By gathering multiple inputs, Rita is then provided different points of view on how Fred is doing. Rita cannot be next to Fred all day long, but his co-workers are, which lends a whole new aspect to the evaluation process. Fred’s co-workers are able to see and…

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