Essay about Benefits Of A Restaurant Employee

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One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising (Rohn). In general, if a restaurant employee serves a family with great service every time they visit, the family would want to visit often and the particular restaurant will earn a customer for life. However, to develop this bond between customers its important to provide great service. In fact, when employees provide great service, then customers return their favor by giving them a great amount of tip. Although, bestowing tips to employees should not be mandatory because of the heavy gratuity charge. Tipping in the United States should alter because it has become a major concern for customers/employees due to minimum wages, expensive food rates and inequality between workers.
The first major concern that has caused the tipping practices in the United States’s restaurants to alter is the minimum wage factor. The income of workers is substantially low and its really hard for the employees to run their living with what they receive by working. According to the Chicago Tribune, the minimum wage in Illinois, for employees who don’t receive tips is $8.25/hour. There are also people who work the same number of hours and receive tips (employees eligible are servers, busses and bartenders). In Illinois, a business pays the employees as low as $4.95/hour and the rest of the minimum wage is received through tip credit. The government assumes that the customers will pay the rest of the amount of…

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