Benefits Of A Protein Supplements Essay

807 Words Dec 26th, 2015 4 Pages
As the years roll by health and fitness continue to become more desired, higher lifestyle priorities, and with them, protein supplements become essential. These days, there 's a protein supplement, bar, drink, or powder for everyone They all contain natural ingredients important to health such as whey, hemp and soy. Each of these contribute to different forms of health, such as dieting, body building or just energy. At times it seems overwhelming with all the different choices and types available to us in the common supplements store, however, figuring the pros and cons of different protein supplements can be easily simplified with common knowledge. First of all, everyone should come to the realization that proteins are compounds made up of amino acids, in the human body there are 20 amino acids that exist and 12 of those 20 the body is able to be synthesize by itself. The other missing 8 however, come from our daily food and liquid consumption. Every protein in the body is part of a prestigious cell process, such as metabolism or immune response to muscle building. However, it is important to also understand that not all proteins are created the same, each of them come with its own benefits and setbacks, depending on the individuals’ bodily needs. For starters, whey is actually that liquid that ccan be found on top of some cheeses and yogurts and companies turn it into powder so people are more likely to consume it. From there several…

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