Benefits Of A Competitive Environment Opportunity Essay

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30. There are opportunities that would help me reach my goal in each part of the business environment. First, economic and legal opportunities would be that are aren’t enough people playing the sport. Second, I don’t need to be in college all four years to make it into the NBA. They only want you to stay for college for a year to get the experience in playing in a college level rather than at high school level. Third opportunity would be getting into a college that would be easy for me to stay one year and start playing in the NBA at a young age. Second, technologic environment would be getting myself out there with the internet being all around us. The other opportunity is that I can post videos of me playing against tough competition in the nation. This will get the attaching of colleges before I get to the NBA. Last, opportunity of technological is that it is very effective in getting my name out there using social media. Third, competitive environment opportunity would be going to the best school where there is competition and going against the best. Doing that will get you notice and get you into the draft. Another opportunity would be the constant improve product that can help my game out in achieving my goal. Last, opportunity for competitive environment would be that the school is competitive based on value which tells you that they have that drive to succeed in them. Fourth, one opportunity of the social environment is that if “Employers who take the necessary…

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