Benefits Of A Company At The Same Time Essay

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One of the companies that I found when doing my research was Acuity. It is an insurance based company that is concerned with pleasing its customers and employees at the same time. After looking into this company a little more, I would say they do a nice job of creating flow within their company. This looks like a great company to work for. They don’t only care about their employees at work, but also outside of the workplace. They do anything they can to make work easier for them. The company even did a survey to see how their employees liked working there and 96% say it’s a great place to work. Also six other ratings areas done by the employees have gained rating of over 95%, now I would say that pretty well for a company. When doing my research the part that caught my eye about this company that made me want to learn more about what they offered their employees. The line I’m referring to stated “having fun” was one of their core values. Some of the things they do to ensure their employees are having fun in the workplace is by placing ping-pong tables and a popcorn machine outside of the business cafeteria. They also offer fun activities outside of work like a summer family picnic that offers lots of games, prizes, and adult events. This is an issue most business places often forget about and having this type of work value can really encourage people to work better/ harder. Often time I feel like most people are afraid to step outside their daily tasks and have a little…

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