Benefits Of A Campus Garden

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This is a proposal for a campus garden aimed at college students in Bradford County. The students and their college life will be improved with this garden. Students will only need to participate a few times each week from their busy schedules to tend to the garden. A school garden will provide students a gain in insight on how to grow a garden, will promote students to eat healthier, will manage stress, and also will cause changes to help others in the local community.
A garden in Bradford County should be started. Currently, there are nearby gardens, one at the University of Florida in Gainesville teaching organic gardening. Gardeners are allowed to grow plants and vegetables on rented land for a fee. And another located on the Santa Fe campus
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There are many places students can get food for various prices that are affordable or at a high price. Most of the affordable food is not healthy and this can be the same for higher priced food, but most of the time healthy food is overpriced. Another option is to have a source of food to have control over its production to know all the steps it has been through, and knowing the source. This option is to start a garden. Gardening is an effort to learn and needs time before it is useful. And after all the work, there is a reward of fresh produce to eat. Student are more likely to eat what is grown and a lot of it. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is essential for providing the body with proper nutrients. This campus garden will also provide a solution to managing stress in college. Students deal with a lot of stress to keep good grades and completing assignments for multiple classes promptly. And “A garden can significantly reduce stress by lowering the cortisol, one of the hormones associated with stress” (Ophardt). Getting closer to nature is a great way to reduce stress. With less stress, students will be able to concentrate better and have increased attention and memory to what it is they learn. The garden will also provide students with exercise because tending a garden requires a lot of movement. Exercise is crucial to staying healthy and keeping an active …show more content…
Pests can ruin a garden by biting through and spreading a disease to growing produce. Using pesticides are a way to get rid of pests, but this could spread to the plants. There are better practices of removing and preventing pests that are natural, like planting flowers around the vegetables that will only attract insects that are beneficial to growth. And often checking for bugs that may cause a halt in growth. Weather conditions can affect the growth of produce but to solve this is to grow only certain plants based on a seasonal chart. “In many parts of the country, strawberries are a summer crop, but in Florida, they grow best during the cooler months of the year. It is best to plant strawberries between October 15 and November 15 to enjoy tasty berries in the spring” (Friday). Strawberries are an excellent plant for beginner gardeners. The land is an issue because the land to grow the plants on must be owned and will be expensive to acquire and rent. But this can be solved by having a garden that is portable in containers or borrowing land. The borrowed land benefits both parties if the landowner is getting payment, which can be the

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