Benefits And Risks Of Social Media Essay

1343 Words Nov 15th, 2015 null Page
In 2014, the number of social media users exceeded two billion, and the number of Internet users surpassed three billion. Social networking accounts for 28 percent of the time spent online. In fact, 1.28 billion users collectively spend more than 39,757 years on Facebook in a single day (Sethi, 2015). According to eBizMBA Rank (, the number one networking site is Facebook. It is not surprising then, that nearly one-fourth of an adult’s workday is spent on social media for non-work related activities. Blocking social media access is an option, but not a profitable one. Instead, business leaders need to understand the effects, benefits and risks of social media, audit its usage and implement policies.
In a Proskauer Rose LLP survey (2014), 36 percent of businesses said they block access to social networking sites. According to that survey, 78.85 percent have policies in place, but only 41.18 percent monitor the use of social media sites. Over half of the businesses have had to deal with misuse of social media and over 70 percent took disciplinary action against an employee for misuse (Proskauer). So why do some companies block social misuse and other companies do not?
There are many reasons that companies block social media, some of which are legitimate concerns. Network security is one reason social media sites are blocked. Employees with company-issued mobile devices can unintentionally download an app…

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