Benefits And Lasting Effects Of Social Emotional Learning Essay

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Potential Risk In conjunction with the benefits and lasting effects of social-emotional learning, it is important to understand and acknowledge the potential risks when students lack the skills associated with social-emotional learning. The research argues that bullying and a lack of social approval from peers increases within a classroom and school community when skills associated with social-emotional learning are not taught (Darrow, 2014). Darrow (2014) argues that social-emotional learning contributes increasing students’ self-esteem, their inclination to take risks, and applying themselves for further development outside of a school community. Furthermore, research also identifies that with a lack of social-emotional learning, students’ engagement within the school and additional activities outside of school decrease (Payton et al., 2008). Payton et al. (2008) also claims that students who lack in social-emotional abilities believe that teachers do not care for them and they also interrupt the school experience for their peers. Moreover, these finding do affect students at risk. For example, research indicates that students with disabilities develop more negative self-concepts, feelings of a lack of acceptance either from their teachers or peers, and a poor opinion of the classroom (Krull, Wilbert, & Hennemann, 2014). Also, research identifies that children with health care risks also may lead to poorer development of relationships with their peers and isolation from…

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