Essay on Benefits And Compensation Package Of Medtronic

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The assessment of the case study will further analyze the benefits and compensation package of Medtronic. The validation of concerns will address the misalignments, differences, and gaps in the current compensation system within the organization. Determination of issues that are most prominent based on the qualitative data of the existing population that will be affected by the change. Determination of the strengths and weaknesses of the current compensation packages, while impacting a change to either stay the same, increase or reduce any necessary changes to the program. Comprising a SWOT analysis that will align with the company’s strategic planning.
Critical Elements
E. The industry standard is the minimum de facto an organization can comply with the rules and regulations that is set. The company aligns their mission by demonstrating the hierarchy of accountability as represented in the chart (Warrier, 2005). The functionality for the organizational alignment is to become effective and efficient while improving decision-making tactics while being accountable. HR professionals communicate the appropriate assessment goals throughout the organization to comply with regulations. Medtronic will need to include disability insurance and leave benefits to properly align with the industry standard. Medtronic will want to implement inclusion as part of their strategic plan to be compliant with regulations while staying competitive.…

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