Benefits And Benefits Of Voluntary Service Essay

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This implies that individuals stay in the Organization, because they are lured by other accumulated investments which they could lose, such as pension plans, seniority or Organization specific skills. The need to stay is “profit” associated with continued participation, and termination of service is a “cost” associated with leaving. Tetrick (1995) support the profit notion by describing the concept continuance Organizational commitment as “an exchange framework, whereby performance and loyalty are offered in return for material benefits and rewards”. Therefore, in order to retain employees who are continuance committed, the Organization needs to give more attention and recognition to those elements that boost the employee’s morale to be effectively committed. The “exchanged-based definition” (Alluto, Hrebiniak & Alonso, 1973) holds that individuals are committed to the Organization as far as they hold their positions, irrespective of the stressful conditions they experience. However, should they be given alternative benefits, they will be willing to leave the Organization. Continuance commitment is also associated with the compliance stage of organizational commitment, where the employee is calculative with the need to stay in the Organization when evaluating the rewards (Beck & Wilson, 2000). It centralizes around the employee accepting the influence of others mainly to benefit from them, through remuneration or promotion (O’Reilly, 1989). At this stage, attitudes and…

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