Essay on Benefits And Benefits Of The Fitness

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Tell people to think of trend and they might give you an answer like Kylie Jenner lip challenge or twerking. Not all trends are good and many are just people trying to fit in. A new trend that has been on a steady rise is CrossFit, but this isn’t a dance or a new lipstick. CrossFit is a workout regime that has burst onto the scene in recent years. CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, basically a high intensity workout that has you constantly moving. CrossFit trending is part of a bigger change, fitness is in. Everyone should get up, forget these fads and trends and get active because it will have great benefits to your health. Fitness has gone through many changes throughout history, and has produced many fads as well as trends. We have all seen it, the late night infomercials featuring a ripped man and his equally glistening women wearing minimum clothing and promoting P90x for just three small payments of nineteen dollars and nighty nine cents. Just like P90X, Richard Simmons, and Zumba the fitness industry has fads show up and go away just as quick. Walter Thompson of the American College of Sports Medicine and author of worldwide fitness trends says these trendy workouts marketed by gyms and entrepreneurial athletic trainers come and go quickly (2015). Since there are so many fitness trends and fads coming and going it’s easy to get sucked into the newest most popular one that promises ripped abs or big biceps. This is true…

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