Benefits And Benefits Of Methadone Essay

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Many Americans still oppose methadone treatments even though there is a strong net positive impact. There is a cost-savings versus incarceration and a reduction in crime and STDs associated with intravenous drug use. Methadone is horribly unhealthy, but it serves as a safer substitute to help the addict withdraw from opiates. Also, methadone has a longer lasting effect which allows patients to take only one dose a day (around $15 a day) without feeling intoxicated if the dosage is prescribed reasonably. For those reasons, methadone users can generally maintain a more productive work life than heroin addicts who feel the need to use multiple times a day.
When methadone is administered correctly, the dosage is slowly reduced over time, in addition to rehabilitation treatment in hopes of overcoming their addiction. Unfortunately, many of these clinics don’t have the proper incentives because the majority of American methadone clinics are run by for-profit companies. In fact, these companies have become top targets of investment firms because of their high profits. For example, Bain Capital, the venture capital firm that was founded by Mitt Romney, purchased the largest company in the methadone industry, CRC Health Group, for $723 million in 2006. Subsequently, the company has received more than a thousand regulatory citations since 2009 and employees have pointed to a number of policies which prioritize profits over drug counseling.
Methadone prescriptions are beneficial…

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