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Aly Graves
James Reed
English 1301
2 October 2015
Millions of people around the world are sitting in college classes right now preparing for what is to come when they graduate. They, and you and I, will have to get a job and then enter the workforce with many other people who rely on each other to accomplish their jobs that are to be done. This is when we will appreciate those core classes that the college made us take. By taking the required core classes in college, you pay for your degree while getting extra education that can help you in the future. You can figure out if you have different interests before paying for a complete degree. Also, core classes can help you to understand and achieve more in your daily college
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If you were a realtor, you could make more money because you took speech as a core class, and you could speak in a very persuading way to sell more houses. Let us say that there is this amazing, gorgeous house that you are trying to sell, but the pool is completely ruined. You could be persuasive as in telling the people ways that they could fix the pool if they bought the house, or that they could just get rid of the pool and have a beautiful, large backyard. Knowing how, and making these persuasive statements can help you, as a realtor, to sell more houses and come out better in the grand scheme of things. As a result, when you take the required core classes in college, you are not only paying for your degree, but you are paying for skills that can help you to achieve greater aspects in life.
Would it not be awful if you went to college to be something and then realized later that you actually had more of an interest in another area? This is another situation that makes core classes worthwhile:
For example, an incoming college freshman wanting to study nursing must first complete a basic human anatomy course before enrolling in a pathophysiology course. Similarly, students studying English must fulfill a basic writing composition course before enrolling in an advanced research writing class. (Rajan) Since these students have to take these classes before working directly on their degree like Rajan presents, they

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