Beloved The Age Of Innocence And Fun Home Analysis

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Family, familia, famille, 家庭 Jiātíng. All written differently, yet all of the words share their meaning. Family, what is it like to have one? Well, for starters, no families are the same, for they are all formed by individual members. Somehow, no matter how hard it is to deny it, everyone depends on their family for support, confidence or love. We need them, even if we think we are independent the family is undeniable. Through the novels, Beloved, The Age of Innocence and Fun Home, various characters in their stories emphasize a relationship with their parents as they attempt to justify their parents actions for loving them. Denver wants to love Sethe without fearing her, yet it seems impossible for someone to love a mother after she killed …show more content…
At 124 Sethe lived with happiness among her children for only 28 days, yet her mystery prolonged her joy to a dark place for 14 years. How can she speak of love, when she killed Beloved, her baby? The answer is not straightforward, but it’s the flesh truth: she killed her children so that they would escape from their future suffering with the schoolteacher, who by the way, had worst things than dead in mind for her children. Sethe knew that what she was doing was immoral, yet she chose to follow her instincts of motherhood in an attempt to save her children from pain. It has humanly impossible for Sethe to know about the possible future for her children; it was all in an instant those 642 hours that she spent with her children were worth …show more content…
The reason I chose to create a painting of an infant hugging a parent was because of the pathos it invoked at the first eye glance. Upon noticing the canvas, the vibrant red color of the heart stands out from the blue background. I created the effects with the bright colors in an attempt for the audience to feel the warmth of that each color gives just like the relationship with a parent. At the center of the heart is located a child embracing parents, in this picture they are all happy, and the child’s face emphasizes a sense of comfort. The mere reason I chose to paint the family with no features was because I wanted the audience to picture their relationship with their family. The family depicted in the painting has no color and no realism based on their cartoonish design, yet all this factors together are part of the lesson that family is a small world built with love. Lastly, I chose to incorporate the quotes from Beloved, Fun Home and The Age of Innocence, that best represented each character 's interpretation of the meaning of being loved. Although each novel varies in a plot, setting, time, and genre each character in the story attempts to interpret a relationship with a parent to understand their parents reasons for loving

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