Being the Boss Essay

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The words that keep going through my head after reading Being The Boss was that I wish I had found this book years ago when I started this journey into management. The book was thought-provoking and sometimes difficult to comprehend because of the notion that I may be stagnating in my own professional development was quite unnerving. What was even more concerning to me was the fact that I may be missing some key relationship- building, as well as managing myself, network, and team. What this book has made me do is take stock of all of the work that it takes to hone a skill set to become an effective leader and to continue to develop that skill set no matter how daunting the task may seem. I had never really considered the ideas of the …show more content…
The department of which I am responsible for is $$$$$ Operations and in certain situations we are dependent on the other side of the organization, which is &&&&&& Operations. However, in order to do their jobs, they are really not reliant on my side of the company in any way. The reason that I found this paradox interesting is because we have a group of about roughly twenty, people including myself, which has a skill set, that could be valuable to the $$$$$ Operations group. For example within my department we have some of the best subject matter experts on conducting medical interviews with families, which a skill set that is shared by the both sides of the organization. We are able to lend this expertise to the organization, but there is little communication that is shared in a horizontal manner from manager to manager. Traditionally, communication travels in a more vertical fashion from managers to directors and to the executive team. In the future, by building bridges within the organization this cross-departmental communication will happen and skills will be shared organizationally. This leads me to my point that I must use my influence to construct a bridge to the other half of the organization that will not only showcase my expertise, and all those who work in the department for which I am responsible. Moreover, this has created

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