Being Selfless, Rather Than Selfish Essay

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To Be Selfless, Rather Than Selfish

There comes a time in a girl’s life where she gets so hurt by men, that she is afraid to love again. I would like to thank my Abuelo for teaching me that even though you may be devastated, your family will forever love you. November Fifteenth, Two-Thousand Fifteen, will be one year since my Grandfather went to heaven. Every day it gets harder and harder because of the choices I made and the regrets I have. I chose to be selfish, rather than selfless. For that, I am immensely sorry. All my grandfather ever wanted was for us grandchildren to call him and just talk to him. My Abuelo lived in Warren, Michigan and that is around an hour away from where I live. He was very frail and not very well at driving so he couldn’t come see us often. My whole life my Abuelo kind favored my little brother and called him “Pancho”, and my sister was unbelievably close to him, but I, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, my grandfather and I loved each other very much, but we were just not ‘super’ close. I always wished we were but we never seemed ‘close’ like my other sibling’s relationship with him. At least not up until the end, the last three or four years I sort of hit a brick wall in my Freshman year of high school. He really gave me the love and support I could’ve ever needed. But, I was too selfish to realize that. He would randomly send me money in the mail, or Christmas cards that said “I’m just thinking about you. Love you, Grampa,” the best part,…

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