Being Nixon A Man Divided Analysis

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Being Nixon:A Man Divided Being Nixon: A Man Divided is about the life of Richard Nixon. It talks about everything from his childhood, to his presidency and what he did, as well as his life after his crime and resignation. It goes deep into his life helping a reader understand the man that made the choices that ultimately led to his fall from grace. Anyone who wants to understand the direction politics took the second half of the 20th century would be interested in this book. It is a book for someone that has interest in the history of presidents, or wants to learn more about Richard Nixon. This book is “new” because when it came out a lot of information was let out that many people did not already know about. This book was written to tell people about all of Nixon’s life. However, while many may think that it is centered around Watergate, it is actually about his …show more content…
The most famous of which is known today as the Watergate scandal. This was when some of Nixon's associates got caught sneaking in and bugging DNC headquarters. Although it was this that ultimately led to the downfall of Nixon the author of this book appears to see paying hush money to Howard Hunt to be ẗhe most critical mistake Nixon evermade. After this happened Nixon was hated by most of the country. It was and still is one of the biggest presidential scandals of all time. After it all went down Nixon did try to lie about it, but ultimately could not defend himself on what happened. It soon seemed imminent that Nixon was going to get impeached so Nixon decided to resign as president. He was the first and only president to ever do this. After he resigned as president Gerald Ford who took over for him, immediately gave him a presidential pardon. This disgruntled the American public because they felt that Nixon should be punished. In addition to this Nixon was in debt when he resigned, to make money he did interviews and wrote a book about his time as

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