Being Man 's Best Friend Essay

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When God is attributing as saying,"It is not good that man should be alone, He made dogs as faithful companions--just in case there wasn 't a man or woman near by. All joking aside, that 's one way that pets, and dogs specifically, became famous for "being man 's best friend." In fact, according to various surveys, about two-thirds of the people surveyed claim to have a pet and 60 percent of those state their pet stays indoors and sleeps in their bed.

Our article below covers not only how having a furry companion can benefit and enhance a person 's well-being and quality of life, but it also covers some of the downsides of having pet companions--if you 're unfamiliar with the multifaceted implications of having a furry soul-mate, of sorts, in your life.

Natural Born Cheer-Leaders: No matter what your mood or disposition may be, furry pets, whether they be cats, dogs or even horses, have an uncanny ability to lift your spirits when you 're faced with depression, loneliness or just plain disappointment. They 're simply champs when it comes to alleviating mental disorder such as anxiety and stress.

A Furry Friend A Day, Helps Keep A Doctor Away: Doctors, healthcare practitioners and those that work with victims of some challenging illness are moving towards a consensus that having a furry friend with you on a daily basis, helps reduce physical conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels and lowers the risk of heart attacks.

They Help Us Stay…

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