Essay about Being Ethical And Turning A Profit

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Being Ethical and Turning a Profit
Today’s global business environment has new challenges and ethical dilemmas that businesses did not have to contend with many years ago. The business mentality of today is in a constant state of evolution, from the mentality of just gaining high profit margins to incorporating social and environmental responsibility in the organization’s business structure. There are many factors that shape an organizations future such as owners demands, shareholders, stakeholders, and ethical responsibilities. For a business to maintain sustainability, customer relevance, and proper image, ethics has to be on the fore front of management’s decision making processes. Management has to know, define, incorporate, and stand firm on ethical practices.
“Ethics is defined as a moral code of principles that sets standards of good or bad, or right or wrong, in one’s conduct.” (Schermerhorn, 2013) There are many factors that governs ethics for the individual and organizations such as society, cultures, religions, friends, family, and individual experiences. The largest factor for ethical behavior is social and cultural influences. A prime example for this was during the height of the Roman Empire it was socially acceptable and a part of their culture to have slaves, watch other humans fight to the death in arena’s, and publically hold wild sexual parties. The society of today would not find this type of behavior culturally or socially acceptable. In the…

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