Global Ethical Business: The Importance Of Global Business

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The importance of global ethical business responsibilities has gained recognition for many reasons. Today, companies have set standards for which they must go through in order to conduct a global business. For many, the motivation to earn a profit and transfer the capital is not the primary driver in doing business; rather it is the primary enabler of sustained activity (Freeman et al. 39). One’s decisions can be affected by establishment of personal qualities, including things such as moral philosophy, education, and environment. For example, the executive driven by ambition tends to future forecasting, planning, and manipulating, even if obtaining this attitude leads to unethical forms of plotting and scheming. Wisdom literature suggests dealing with the future by …show more content…
al. 104). In an era of increasing economic liberalization, much has been written on the challenges facing alternative trade movements. In such research, religion is often overlooked. The first alternative trade network was formed in 1964 in the interest of assisting southern producers. Following in 1973, coffee was first to be introduced into the system. Amy Reynolds, mentioned earlier, examines how the faith identity of one set of factors influenced their involvement in the Central America Coffee trade. Amy also examines how religious networks, ethics, and values shape the economic behaviors of an evangelical coffee network. The year 1988 was considered a defining moment for alternative trade, when the nongovernmental organization (NGO) Max Havelaar developed a label to identify fair-trade goods. Amy concluded three things from her research: first; religious networks were important, second; religious ethics translate into religious emphasis of the business, and finally; their religious values and identity changed the traditional market system

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