Business Ethics Essay

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From the beginning of time, ethics has always been a topic that comes with a great deal of debate. There are many gray areas when pertaining to ethics, especially in the field of business. However, some actions in the business world are considered more universally unethical. If an action or deed causes harm to innocent, potential customers then it would be seen as unethical. Many businesses have an ethical or moral code that they try to follow. Striving to avoid error, being impartial, truthful, having dignity, courage, and the desire to do good work are all ideals that businesses want to uphold (Wachter). Sadly, these values can easily be shattered with one unethical act. Various actions such as producing unsafe products, deceptively advertising, …show more content…
People can usually trust that they are not buying anything unsafe. Unfortunately, there are times where companies accidentally, or purposely put a product that could harm to endanger their consumers in some way. Businesses must immediately recall and provide their customers with compensation for their faulty product. Not only is the act of selling an unsafe item dangerous, but also it is unethical. Companies generally want to maintain their ethical values when conducting business. Nonetheless, companies still end up having to recall their products even if their intention was not to sell an unfit product. Violating general product safety is considered unethical because the business is causing harm to undeserving people and going against their principles. Some companies many change a material or component of their product to a cheaper version in order to increase profit. While this act may be in the ethical realm, if the change in manufacturing makes the product less safe, then it is putting the customers in danger—therefore being unethical. Other companies may be in such a poor economic position that they are low on motivation or care and end up producing a dangerous product through sheer negligence. Nonetheless, product safety is not an idea that should be taken

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