Essay about Being Born With An Intersex Person

1008 Words Mar 17th, 2016 5 Pages
What many people realize and don’t understand is that being born with an Intersex condition is not easy as everyone thinks or sounds. People paint a picture of what an intersex person looks like and what their genitals looks like in their mind. Even people in the LGBT community often times paints a rosy picture of what life is like for an Intersex person. The reality is, that it’s not easy being an intersex person and it sure ain’t easy having to deal with your Intersex condition. Many people think that it’s easy for someone to be intersex but the sad reality is that many intersex people including myself have medical and social issues that go FAR deeper than your run of the mill LGBT or even in normal society. Our issues go right to our genetics, DNA, physiology and biological.

Many people don’t realize that being born with an intersex condition, you have issues that no one in a normal society would not understand. No one wouldn’t know what it’s like to be intersex and how intersex people face and deal with society. Many of the trivial issues that society faces, often times are the hardest issues that Intersex people face such as relationships, sex and reproduction. In my case, because I have Kallmann’s syndrome. My issues I face as an intersex person with Kallmann’s syndrome are biological sex, relationships with people and my prospect for reproducing, if I am ever in a relationship with someone. These are the things I face that no normal person would ever want to deal…

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