The Left Hand Of Darkness Gender Analysis

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Kindness Matters

In the Left Hand of Darkness, the Gethenian’s are a unique breed that were used for experimentation. The Gethen’s can relate to our transgendered community. Gender plays a huge role in science fiction. Challenging our thoughts on what we think is normal broadening our horizons on embracing the supernatural. Although the Gethenians are neither man or female and that seems weird to us. Does Gender really play a major role in defining who we are at the end of the day regardless whether were a boy or a girl were all still human with feelings?
Throughout this class, I’ve have learned about gender from novels and movies. I can help but wonder why these authors try to get us to think about. As people, we have all been at fault with
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Now I’ve got to admit that part was a little strange and uncomfortable for me but who am I to judge right. The same can bit odd to some us with trans folks a lot of people think it’s weird that they’ll simply strange maybe not right in the head. There taking hormones and estrogen shots or testosterone shots and we think that inhumane. Those are the people that just don’t understand or they don’t care to learn about it. If those people learned more about the trans gendered community on what they go on a daily basis than they would realize there still people with feelings just like us. We are all so blinded and caught up with social media and what Hollywood says it the new “it” product. That were not taking the time to just help people, to just being a friend into talking to trans folks if we see them …show more content…
And is the only one who is willing to help Ai Genly with his mission, and throughout the book, you start to see them to develop a real friendship. So even if the characters from this novel who are from different planets and are completely different in every way shape or form can be friends than why is it so hard for us to be friends with trans folks. Dr. Sighn’s talk about the transgendered community really opened my eyes up until a couple of years ago I didn’t really know that much about it. It makes me so sad to know that most live in fear of everyday of the world around them. Places like the bathroom on campus that are suppose to be a save space are not for them. I think we can learn a lot from the book in a sense that Estraven gave up everything to help his friend Ai he even lost his life towards the end of the novel, but the loyalty of their friendship is something to be proud. That is something we should all strive for in our everyday community. Cause trust me from experience nothing’s worse than feeling

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