Essay On Why I Want To Be A Police Officer

It is with great enthusiasm that I request to be considered for the Detective Anchor position. I would make an excellent detective anchor for many reasons. I am self-motivated, able to multi-task, and very organized in my work. Time management is essential in being an anchor detective and I utilize my time effectively to assure an assignment is completed by a required deadline. I have over eighteen years of exemplary police officer experience with four and a half years of service for the City of Arlington and the remainder with the City of Kirkland. In those years, I have determined that the most enjoyable part of the job for me is investigating and solving crimes.

My current assignment at the Kirkland Police Department is a general detective in the Investigations Section. I have been in this position for over five years
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This position requires me to answer questions from the media and the public at a moment’s notice. I have to be aware of any changes or updates in laws, police procedures and current events. I have conducted several interviews with the media and professionally represented the Kirkland Police Department.
I have chosen not to test for a supervisor position such as Corporal or Sergeant, due to my passion for being a detective. However, my training, years of experience as being a police officer, detective and team leader of the North Sound Metro Hostage Negotiations Team has developed me into a leader. I have been a lead investigator on several cases to include death investigations, major crimes like rape and robbery. In those cases, I have taken charge of the investigation to include developing an investigation plan, assigning and delegating other detectives and officers tasks. I have assisted with homicide investigations and have the confidence and experience to be a lead detective in a homicide

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