Being A Therapist By Jeffrey Kottler Essay

1375 Words Feb 25th, 2016 null Page
On Being a Therapist by Jeffrey Kottler is an educational piece of literature that also happens to be very informative and interesting. In the book, he discusses numerous aspects of being a therapist, ranging from how one decides to engage in this work, how therapists can change clients, how clients can change therapists, to the difficulties and struggles therapists frequently face. As someone who hopes to become a therapist someday, this book was a really incredible way of learning about the profession in a more subjective and ultimately real way. Not all he says is comforting, but his choice to discuss both the good, bad, and in between have given me a more thorough understanding of what I may experience in the future. Throughout this book, Kottler discusses many subjects that have connected to things we have learned in class and in other readings.
Kottler first begins by discussing some of the personal motives people have for becoming therapists. He outlines three distinct groups most people fit into, which are: people who grew up as caregivers, people who enjoy the power and prestige, and people who want to work on their own mental health (Kottler, 2010). I do not feel like any of these is my primary motivation for entering the field, but there is definitely the desire to help people and to learn more about myself and humanity as a whole. For me personally, I connected more with a therapist that Kottler quotes later in the book, who explains that he joined the field…

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