Being A Small Unregistered Not For Profit Organization Essays

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Being a small unregistered not for profit organization instead of a board of directors we have an advisory board made up of community members to advise our management team and provide insight on what the community needs related to sports. This section will discuss why we chose an advisory board who is on our advisory board, What insight each member brings, and why an advisory board is best for our stage of development.

Our non-profit is still in the developmental stages, and lacks proper funding for a board of directors. Having a board of directors is required for registered non-profits, and since we are not registered a board of directors for governance is not an option. The best alternative available in our opinion was an advisory board. Advisory boards allow our company to receive insight from people in the local community, while maintaining control and decision-making authority. Our company values opinions coming from the community members since our goal is to create a better community and help young children have access to sports. We believe the community members have insight that our management team does not and a direct connection to the community, the people on the advisory board have experience within the community. Activities for All’s advisory board will have the similar responsibilities to a board of directors. To make sure advisory board members act honestly they sign a contract stating that advisory board members must act honestly and in the best interest for…

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