Essay about Being A Room Downtown Overlooking The River

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I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go but I needed time away from everything and everyone. I decided to go south and head to Jacksonville, Fl. I always loved Florida and considered living there but didn’t not want to separate Cameron from his father. Adron and I have gotten past what happened between the two of us and he deeply regret putting me in the hospital. I know deep down in my heart I deserved at least some of what happened to me. We would visit Jacksonville often and visit this Jazz club down on __________ street. I hope that club was still up and running because I love going there and remember doing a few mic checks with my sister when we would visit there from time to time. It’s only a two-hour drive from Savannah and I know I can rent a room downtown overlooking the river. The drive allowed me to clear my head with riding most of the way in silence. The last 30 minutes of the drive turned to Jacksonville Hip Hop radio station and it reminded me of who I truly was. I have gone so far from who I am and what I love just to keep an image or to have Justin not think negatively of me like Adron would do. I realized just how much I missed my sister. I missed my sister more than I missed our mother. I rarely even thought of our Mother but I thought about _______________ every day. This has gone on so long that Justin or Cameron doesn’t even know I have a sister. Denise is the only person that knows I have a sister and the full story of why we no longer speak.…

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