Being A Resident Assistant For Orchard Lodge Essay

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One evening after I had gotten off work, one of my roommates, Natalie, and I hiked our way to the Orchard Lodge where they were having a Resident Assistant event which was decorating recycling bins for our own individual apartments. The RAs who put on events for all of the lodges spend a lot of time preparing for the event and it means a lot to them when students attend and enjoy the time spent at the event. The resident assistant for Orchard, Jenna Bieker, who was hosting the event, was very intergenic and so happy to see all of the people who showed up for the event (it was mostly girls, of course) because she said it was extremely important to her because she has a passion about getting people together and interacting, as well as a passion for recycling.
My roommates and I are also avid recyclers so we figured it would be a fun idea to decorate a cute bin for our apartment. Both Natalie and I do not have an artist bone in our bodies so it was very entertaining to decorate our bin. We decided that all different colors of sparkles would be a great idea…. yeah, not so much. We did not take into account how long it would take for glue to dry so we were the last ones there. Due to the fact that we were both very giggly and ditsy, we had a huge mess by the end of the night. This event was great for me because not only did I get to have one on one time with Natalie, I also got to know many other people who have an interest in preserving our planet and eliminating waste in…

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