Being A New High School Essay

1239 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
Imagine yourself being a new high school graduate that just received your accepted letter from your dream university. You are blasting with excitement as you read the letter that you cannot woke to get everything you need in order. So you start contacting advisors to found out what classes you need to take and even applying for on campus housing, because the university is in another city or even state. After finally getting everything done such as classing, meal plans, and even housing pick, the summer is ending. So now you only have to pack up your stuff and get in your car and head to school. As you pull up to the campus housing department to go in and receive your key because you have signed a lease and confirmed your placement. Then the unthinkable happen, you are told by the housing staff that you would not be receiving housing because your assigned dorm is not ready. What do you do? Do you leave and return home, where you would not be able to attend school anymore? Or, do you try to make the best of the situation and do anything to stay in school? Even if that mean sleeping in your car for the whole semester (16weeks) or until the housing department found you a new placement.
This is a decision that a large percent of Texas Southern University freshman and transfer student had to make this fall 2015 semester. Texas Southern University has an enrollment of 9,233 undergrad students and 2,318 graduate students (Texas Southern University Student Life). Out of the total…

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