Personal Narrative: My Mother Versus The World

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When it comes to my family it is just my mother and me versus the world. For over the past 18 years of my life there was only one person who has stood by me throughout my accomplishments and recognitions beyond my educational career. The one person who is always attempting to keep me happy, safe, protected, and nourished. That person has been my mother. Her ideology was simple, “work hard to get paid or slack off to get slayed (fired, not killed).” Being a single mother with an only son was a great challenge for her. Coming as an undocumented citizen in the United States, her availability to get a job were minimized dramatically, but over the years that never prevented her from providing to me over my childhood. While I was growing up, as …show more content…
Her being my mother ultimately means that she has total and complete control of my every move as long as I lived under her roof. Whatever she says goes. The way I described her may give you the visual mindset that she was a manipulative, controlling, harsh kind of mother but in reality she wasn’t. She, and just as the governmental system within the United States similarly has set rules and “laws” for me to follow and under any circumstances whatsoever must I not break them or she’ll break me. She as the principal speaks up her mind and gives me tasks to do around the house on a day-to-day basis. The demands could be doing the laundry, washing the dishes, taking out the trash, pick up the mail, and even cooking for her when she couldn’t and would arrive back home late from work. I enjoyed complying with her demands when she gave me one because it gave me something to do around the house. Without the principal giving me duties, I as the agent would flourish as an independent person as I am today in a University. There were some setbacks along the way of growing up during my high school years, my friends would always make plans to meet up with one another and have lunch with a quite soothing conversation of the magnificent sport that is football. I couldn’t be included because I was still prohibited from doing so, and as much as I plead for a chance to being around my group of friends I would always be rejected by my

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