My Mother: My Greatest Role Model

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Some people have that one person who has influenced him or her in the most positive way, and who are his or her’s strongest role model. For me, that person is my mom. My mom’s influence on me is not just ordinary, it is special in a way that has made me view her differently. My mom is deaf, and in the seventeen years I have gotten to know her, she has been my biggest role model, and the strongest person I know. I have been able to see the way she views the world, and it is difficult to understand. Growing up, I used to think not much of it, but as I became older, I have more respect for what she went through as a child, and today.
My mom grew up different from most kids. When she was little, the type of hearing aid she had was much bigger
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I could never call my mom when I needed her, especially when I didn’t have a cell phone yet. When my friends and I did get cell phones, they would be able to call their moms whenever they wanted, most likely when they they wanted to do something or go somewhere. I could not do this. Even though I could still call my dad, I always wanted to be able to just hear my own mother’s voice on the phone, but still today that is not possible, and it will never be. Another problem I ran into growing up and I still do today is having conversations with my mom. As someone could imagine, having a conversation with a deaf person must be very difficult. However, this is not entirely true. From when she was little, my mother was always a lip-reader; she never learned sign language, and this has helped her tremendously. She is able to talk to most people and have a normal conversation regardless whether or not the other person knows she is deaf. I have become proficient in being able to talk in a way so that my mom understands me the best, given that I am her daughter. But this is not always the case. My mother can read my lips, but can not always hear the tone of my voice. When we argue, it is like most mothers and daughters, but sometimes I get aggravated when she misinterprets what I am trying to say to her and it is one of the things I have learned to live

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