Being A Better Communicator Toward Friends, Family And Strangers

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Opportunities to have conversations with people are everywhere. We are always communicating, whether it is verbal or nonverbal. There are certain concepts I learned throughout the semester that have helped me become a better communicator toward friends, family and strangers. During this essay I will discuss the internalization that has been administered through out this class, in my life.
Active Listening
I am currently a waitress at Pasco Kitchen and Lounge. During an average shift I talk to a least 30 people, including guests and employees. The restaurant setting is filled with distractions; physical distractions such as people talking and laughing to psychological distractions. At any given moment I am thinking of twenty different customers, who needs my attention, if I am hungry, or if I have to go to the restroom. While taking a persons order my attention seems to be fully on them, however my mind is not. While a customer is speaking I nod my head, or say “yes” or “okay”. For example, if a customer says “Can I have a Father Kino?” I would respond, “Yes, of course, Father Kino.” This helps the customer and I further understand so there is no confusion in the order. Active listening is just that. It is where one is fully engaged in the conversation, regardless of distraction. Listening does not only involving hearing the message that is being sent to you, however it is the process of understanding the message being received. The speaker needs to know whether what they…

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