Essay on Behind Closed Doors : Analyzing Suzanne Vega 's Luka

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Behind Closed Doors: Analyzing Suzanne Vega’s “Luka”

The song “Luka” by Suzanne Vega portrays the unpleasant reality of the widely ignored child abuse issue. Nearly everyone knows that child abuse exists, but too often we push any thoughts on the issue to the back of our minds, especially if not directly exposed to it. Because of this, unfortunately, a child has to suffer. The song “Luka” forces the listener to stop for a moment and empathize with the subject of the song (Luka). In other words, Suzanne Vega challenges us to imagine if it were us or our own children in the same situation. It allows us to essentially see the situation through the eyes of Luka. Early in the video, a scene showed three boys running down the street (one of them being Luka) seemingly having an enjoyable time together (Vega, “Luka” Video). However, after a second or two, one obviously insecure boy (Luka) reluctantly diverges from the group to go into his apartment building (Vega, “Luka” Video). After entering, Luka walks part of the way up a staircase, hesitates before going into the room, suggesting that something bad awaits behind the door (Vega, “Luka” Video). The feeling of dread that Luka experiences at the top of the staircase is one that many children have felt, but not many other people may be aware of. During the same scene, a shot of a door slowly closing and the room becoming very dark is shown (Vega, “Luka” Video). This specific shot suggests the idea that no one ever fully…

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