Becoming An Effective And Productive Team More Efficiently Essay

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Statement One: Becoming an effective and productive team more efficiently

According to Bruce Tuckman, a team develops through multiple stages in order to become an effective and productive team. Therefore, it is important to understand his theory regarding forming, storming, norming and performing. This theory acknowledges the stages and allows us to quickly progress through the initial time consuming stages in order to reach the peak performance phase.

The 4 stages in Tuckman’s 1965 theory start with Forming, this is where the new team becomes familiar with one another, this is followed by Storming; a barrier for most teams as this is where there is conflict and competition. The succeeding stage is Norming, where cohesive agreement and differences have been solved. The final stage is Performing; the final stage of the theory where productivity, effective problem solving and agreement are in peak. The Performing stage is beneficial as the leader can use this to their advantage by delegating more tasks and focusing on the bigger picture.

At some point all teams follow these stages, however Google does so in a more productive way. For example, Google has managers communicate directly to those starting out, helping provide clear structure and objectives in order to advance through Tuckman’s initial stages. Google treats new interns as regular employees by giving them responsibility and treating them with respect. By doing so,…

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