Becoming A Surgeon Is The Best Choice For Me Essay

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An emergency medical technician (EMT) quickly wheels a patient into the emergency room. An emergency room surgeon responds immediately, rushing to his aid. The patient’s appendix has ruptured, requiring immediate surgery to prevent the spread of toxins in his body. In the operating room, the surgeon operates skillfully, methodically, and quickly to save the patient’s life. Surgeons literally have the power to save lives. A surgeon performs operations on people who have injuries or who have other ailments that can not be cured through medications (“Surgeons,” Careers 179). It is a career choice that serves people in a direct way and requires a high level of education and training. While I enjoyed researching architecture as a career choice as well, pursuing a career in medicine is the best choice for me. Becoming a surgeon is great career choice because I love helping people, I am interested in medicine, and I want a challenging career to push myself to achieve my potential.
Surgeons have a higher responsibilities to their patients than architects do to their clients. According to Naviance, surgeons must “prescribe preoperative and postoperative treatments and procedures, such as sedatives, diets, antibiotics, and preparation and treatment for the patient’s operative area” and use established surgical techniques when operating on a patient (“Surgeons”). Surgeons may also be called upon to operate in emergency situations involving victims of accidents or victims of violent…

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