Becoming A Social Justice Leader Essay

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1. A.) Why are you interested in becoming a Social Justice Leader? B) Briefly describe some of your experience with service and justice work. This can include your work in the Bronx and Lincoln Center community, student leadership positions at Fordham, or other.
I am interested in becoming a social justice leader because I feel the need advocate and spread awareness while also combating the injustice that many people experience in the world. I think that I am lucky enough to be able to advocate for those who are often not heard. Mainly my reason for wanting to be an SJL is to fulfill the needs of others. However, in a way, I am also fulfilling my own needs because not acting to combat injustice would be not be right if you are aware that injustice is taking place. so to fulfill the needs of others, as well as my own, I want to be an SJL.
An experience that really shaped my view of social justice and service work was my GO! Florida project over winter break. The focus of our project was farm workers rights and with that issue came an additional emphasis on immigration rights since many of the farm workers were undocumented immigrants. I learned a lot over the course of the project, both about the issue and about working in a community, but most of all I learned the need for awareness. Since coming back from the trip, I have realized that the most important thing I could do would be to inform and educate others about the issue. For this reason, I want to be a social justice…

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